Our Story


A few years ago I was asked by my mom to help care for my Grandmother. Since I was in the medical field, it made sense for me to care for her. My mom really wanted my Grandmother to stay in the home and not go to a nursing home where she could not watch her all the time – even overnight if she chose to.

My Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer/Dementia. Most days in the beginning were good days – just a few reminders to eat and prepare her food. I would make sure her sheets were clean and her home stayed clean and comfortable. I would make sure she had the clothes she chose to wear and that they were always clean and smelling fresh. My Grandma loved red shoes so whenever I had a chance I was looking for comfortable (red) shoes for her to wear.

As time went on her decline was more obvious. I brought in a caregiver for overnights while I cared for her during the day. I secured a hospital bed through her insurance and any other medical devices that made her more comfortable moving about the home. I was happy to see her pull out her old photos and talk about them, rest peacefully in her home on her couch and even reach for a snack if she remembered where they were located.

In the end Grandma was confined to her bedroom in a comfortable hospital bed with family surrounding her. I was happy to see my mom be with her mom during my Grandmother’s last breaths. I was happy to be with my Grandmother until the end knowing she was only in a loving comfortable environment even if she wasn’t aware of her surroundings ~ Kathleen Lewis

Meet Our Team

Stephanie has been in the home care industry for 5 years. She started on this career path because she watched her grandmother care to the elderly, and saw how much enjoyment she got out of it. That inspired Stephanie to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. While she worked with the elderly in their home, she later expanded her education and became a Licensed Nurse. Since then, Stephanie has continued to provide excellent care to our elders.

Kathleen has been in the home care industry for 30 years. She is a Licensed Nurse and has worked mostly with the emphasis on home care. Kathleen took care of her Grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Dementia until her passing in 2011. She managed to coordinate all of her needs within her Grandmother’s home which led to her peaceful passing with all of her loved ones there at her bedside. Kathleen knew after seeing her Grandmother pass so peacefully and cared for so well, this was a passion of hers she wanted to pursue. She feels all elderly deserve the right to stay in their home if they so choose to.