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The upcoming “Baby Boomers” are realizing as the aging process goes forward that they have several options to choose from. Most, if not all are realizing that an assisted living or nursing home are not their only two options. In my experience, home care is a much better option for those who are needing assistance in common areas as we refer to as ADL’s. (Assistance with Daily Living). This would include but not limited to assistance with a shower or preparing a meal. Companionship is extremely important when the person is feeling isolated from the outside world due to having their driving privileges taken away or just a simple fear of going for a walk. Being able to stay in your own home is not only comforting but disruption of a lifestyle does not occur. I have seen many clients over the years bond with their care providers. I believe that home care has really gotten a bad reputation at times due to poor management of the company being used. I cannot stress enough that not all companies are the same. Some do care and go above and beyond to try and make the transition an easy one for you or a loved one.
When I decided to have my own home care company, I knew what my vision was and how I wanted to help people through the home care process. Educating and helping people were at the top of my list. Home care does not have to be a difficult process. What may prove to be difficult is finding a company that is looking out for your best interests and not just how many hours they can provide a service for.
Home care can be a positive experience and help enrich lives if you are working with the right company.

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